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The Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (501 C 3) dedicated to human upliftment through educational, literary, scientific and charitable purposes.  Founded in 1999, it was designated a 501 C 3 by the IRS in March, 1999 (# 56-2068902).  

Benjamin Spaulding, an African American born into slavery (1773-1862), married Edith Delphia Freeman (1786-1871), a Native American woman, in the early 1800s. During their life together, they transcended slavery, illiteracy and the mistreatment of Native Americans to gain freedom and build value for their family and their community in Bladen and Columbus counties. Their descendants have carried on their legacy, including

  1. A love of education and striving for excellence within one's particular field

  2. Honoring the past, and celebrating the work and sacrifices of those who came before

  3. Living the values instilled through family and faith through serving one's community  

  4. Science, research and development for the betterment of people and the planet


These values are at the core of the Foundation, impelling the various projects we carry out.

BESDF is guided by a voluntary board, and the finances are reviewed and reported yearly by Luongo & Associates PC, Certified Public Accountants.  Donations (financial or in-kind) are carefully handled to ensure that the donor's intentions are reflected in how the funds are utilized.  


The projects of the foundation are inclusive, serving people of all origins or descriptions.

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