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The Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation is supported by donations from individuals, companies, nonprofits and welcomes both financial and in-kind support.  As a grassroots organization, it relies heavily on volunteerism and partnerships.  


BESDF partners with both public agencies and private businesses to bring expert solutions to our rural, hardworking communities.


Our core values are reflected in our programs. 

  • Education to equip people of all ages or backgrounds with new tools to enrich their lives is central.

  • Traditional wisdom of the rural, agricultural, multi-ethnic communities is preserved and celebrated. 

  • Science and Technology skillbuilding help link people to new sources of information and new opportunities.

  •   Health is a key focus, especially through sharing ways to enhance wellness through diet, activity, self-care, and peer-to-peer support. 

  • Good stewardship of land and water resources is crucial for families and a sustainable environment. 

  • Financial literacy, especially for marginalized or underserved populations, enables self-sufficiency and resilience. 

  • Civic engagement--having a way to voice, discuss and find solutions as a community--is enhanced by having a central location for meetings, service projects or emergency services.  


BESDF is not political nor partisan in nature.  It works closely with many faith and community organizations, as well as schools, and other nonprofits. 


Some of the other organizations that have collaborated with BESDF include International Paper Foundation, Z. Reynolds Foundation, Lowe's, Trane Technology, Pridgen Brothers Contractors, Graham Security Services, AARP, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Bladen and Columbus County Health departments, NC Forest Service Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Southeastern Community College, CISCO Networking Academy, Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, Flex-Seal, Columbus Regional Health, Novant Health, and many more.

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